What my pupils say …

Some of my pupils generously let the world know how the Alexander Technique has helped them by posting reviews on Google+. Here are edited version of some of them. See the full versions here.



After years of osteopathy and chiropractic support to manage the symptoms of a chronic stiff neck and back and leg joint aches from old sports injuries, I decided to try the Alexander technique to see if it would help more fundamentally. I found Geraldine through the national website and feel fortunate that she was the most local to me. I undertook a course of 26 lessons, as recommended. Three months after my last lesson, not only have I kept my improved posture so that I no longer have chronic aches, but also when I do start to hold tension in my muscles I can recognise it and have techniques to self-manage it quickly. Geraldine is a highly experienced, quirky and engaging teacher. I strongly recommend her.

Amanda, August 2019


Geraldine is a wonderful Alexander Technique teacher. I am learning from her wise hands as well as her knowledgeable advice. And she approaches life with such enthusiasm, it rubs off on you. Decades of tense habits are falling away and I’ve grown by a couple of inches at least.

Patta, July 2018


Following the Alexander Technique under the guidance of Geraldine has been life-changing. I was walking with a stick, stooped over and suffering so much pain in my back and legs from chronic arthritis. All the joy had gone out of trips to museum and art exhibitions, or even walks in the park. Now I am virtually pain free, my posture is much better, I no longer need a stick and I travel about, on buses, trams and tubes as much as I want.

Sue, January 2015


Geraldine has been great at getting me to unwind and release the bad habits of a lifetime. I walk out of each session feeling ten feet tall. I was not sure what to expect, but this has turned out to be great for me. Far less stressful than any other form of therapy I have tried. No fuss, no getting changed, no special equipment (apart from sitting in a horse-riding saddle occasionally). I look forward to each lesson, knowing that I’m guaranteed to feel better afterwards. And that holds true after several years.

Tim, July 2014


I have had repetitive strain injury (RSI) for 12 years. Geraldine is showing me more than just how to use my arms, but how to strengthen my back. As my back is getting stronger, my circulation is getting better. I am doing far more than I could do. The pain I have been in for years has gone down significantly. The pain reduction and tension was noticeable in my shoulders and neck within days. My lessons have been, and are, an investment in my life.

Elizabeth, May 2014


Treats the causes not the symptoms. By training me how to use my body properly, sports injuries are much reduced and far less likely to occur. Un-learning the bad habits of improper body use is a valuable investment for the future. Think of it as regular body maintenance that obviates the need for breakdown repairs! A friendly service that I always look forward to.

Anthony, May 2013


Geraldine helped me unlearn a lot of bad habits while recovering from a serious back injury (compression fracture of L3). I feel significant benefit already and am more confident of a full recovery than previously. I leave feeling calm and centred. I strongly recommend the Alexander Technique and Geraldine in particular — everyone can benefit, not just those with a back problem.

Melissa, June 2014


Geraldine really helped me. I had completely lost my voice after surgery and had terrible posture and energy problems. Geraldine helped me to get back on track and my voice has improved so much it’s now better than at any time in my life.

Anon, May 2011


My first lesson, to help with back pain, was over ten years ago. Geraldine helped me shed bad habits which had hampered me from gaining full benefit from activities like gym, running or yoga. I have top-up lessons regularly to unlearn bad habits which do accumulate occasionally. These lessons have also helped me to explore my mind-body relationship. I highly recommend Geraldine to guide you through your maze of bad habits.

Mahesh, December 2014


I noticed an improvement in my condition straight away. I used to suffer from back and hip pain but, thanks to Geraldine, the pain has gone away and my posture has improved. She is extremely competent, professional and passionate about the Alexander Technique. I would recommend her to everyone.

Daniela, January 2015


Geraldine is just brilliant! I have had lessons for a while and it really has improved my posture and general wellbeing. I don’t get the upper back/neck pain any more. I have moved out of London and have tried a few different Alexander Technique teachers but have yet to find one as good as Geraldine.

Irma, December 2013


Since I began lessons with Geraldine, my back and knee pain – which had persisted over a number of years – is so much improved that I only really get the odd twinge here and there. Such a massive improvement! I also now feel confident, in control, and able to prevent problems occurring in the first place. I cannot recommend the Alexander Technique – or Geraldine – highly enough!

Lucy, February 2014


After lessons with Geraldine my back ache has gone and I’m more relaxed and comfortable in the way I stand, walk and sit. But the best thing is that I now feel I have more control over what happens to my body – I know how to prevent problems happening in the first place.

Anon, August 2012


I went to Geraldine with a stiff neck and shoulder, caused, I thought, by years of lugging around a heavy tape recorder on my shoulder. That might not sound much but it was horribly uncomfortable – my upper body never felt “right” and I began to think I had a bad neck for life. My enlightened GP suggested Alexander Technique and I rang Geraldine. After a few lessons, the neck pain started to ease and eventually went. I learnt a lot about how to use my body – if I ever get backache now, I reckon I have the techniques to help it go. The lessons are a treat – relaxing but instructive. Geraldine manages to be gentle but “no nonsense” all at the same time. And the chat is a bonus – there’s never a dull moment during a session with her …

Wendy, November 2014


Having suffered shoulder and thoracic stiffness for four years and unsuccessfully tried a number of different approaches, both conventional and complementary, I was at the end of my tether. I thought I’d give the Alexander Technique a go. In the first session, Geraldine began to gently encourage me to view the “problem” from a different perspective and to believe I could use what I intuitively knew about how my body ought to work to undo bad postural habits and replace them with good ones. With her expert teaching, I am gradually changing it from “out of order” to “in good working order”. After two months of weekly 45-minute lessons, I am less reliant on the back supports I used at work to relieve the. I am also much more aware of the physical impact of mental stress and better able to release the tension that was contributing to the stiffness in my back. What’s more, some of the techniques Geraldine has taught me seem to have permeated my psyche on an even deeper level and I feel calmer than I have felt in a long time. And that’s not woo-woo, just common sense – breathing and moving and deporting yourself properly, not to mention learning to relax, can’t fail to allow your whole system to function as it should, perhaps for the first time in years. You really feel you’re in safe hands with Geraldine – 14 years’ experience coupled with a lifetime of wisdom have made her a superb teacher. I’d really recommend her!

Gill, March 2014


I had years of very painful RSI brought on by intense computer work and had tried many therapies: physio, chiropractor, osteopath, acupuncture, various styles of massage and even a contraption that turned me upside down! Then I discovered the Alexander Technique … and realised my problems had stemmed from my bad posture (being hunched over a computer) … and now I’m 100% corrected and pain free! To give you an idea of how pain free I am, when my RSI was at its worse I wasn’t able to drive as changing gears was too painful. I had to make sure my boyfriend was with me when shopping, to help carry the bags. Now, when my car broke down in the middle of the one-way system in Crystal Palace, I had the strength to move the car to the side of the road by myself (I’m a small-framed women). Gerry has a great way of explaining how the technique works, and she really makes you understand your body. Each time I left a lesson I had to adjust my rear view mirror in my car as I had grown!

Floss, April 2014


I have now been seeing Geraldine for, well, I can’t remember how many years, and I intend to continue. But I remember the first time, because it all seemed incredibly simple and yet I left as though I were walking a few inches above the ground. I admit it is not always like that, but feel I would be deprived if I couldn’t continue to work with Geraldine. She is totally honest, no blah blah, and I almost think I am in therapy because we talk about no end of things. And, of course, we don’t have to talk at all.

Kenneth, February 2014